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Salis (Salt) | Meditative Video | 2013 | by Paula Rendino and CM Judge.

A meditative video installation focused on Atonement.

"Our actions are the ground on which we stand and the sacredness is in the everyday, influence the shaker of salt."

Today's family is burdened with how to stay healthy, how to stay karmically "clean." Cancer and the Internet become the metaphorical "demons" in our homes. Our home becomes a metaphorical microcosm of the world. Is the American household the 'demon" to the third world through conspicuous consumption and a Defense-orientated government? Are we guilt free living our separate lives? How does this connect to the notion of rituals for atonement and purification?

In exploring the use of salt used in ancient purification rituals, we draw on the ancient universal need for rituals for purity of body, mind and spirit. The idea of "purifying" babies sounds ridiculous to us today, but in ancient times, it was done with salt. Today, we are concerned with cleansing and renewing from toxins ot the body and mind, and a desire to simplify the ingredients of our lives.

In referencing primary and secondary research sources, including the Talmud, a theme of "cleansing" using salt is woven from B.C.E to the current day. For example, in ancient writing, rubbing new born babies down with salt was customary in creating "spiritual purity" as referenced in the Bible and the Talmud. Salt was used in blessing rituals and represented Earth Mother.

The art video, "Salis" (Salt) invites viewers to enter a sacred place that encourages us to slow down, to sit long enough to experience our own personal call to purity, simplicity, and service to others. 

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