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Pedalavium Series | Large Format Archival Digital Prints | 2010 - 2019

The Pedalavium Series touches upon the ritual of the washing of feet. In ancient times the washing of a guest’s feet was done by a host, or by their servants, as the embodiment of hospitality.  Feet-sore, dusty, calloused, by standing, working all day and traveling were the most abused part of the body, and needed tender care.  The day’s dirt and grime washed away baring the history of a person’s work and life.

This series pushes the idea of feet in a non-gravity state, held in time, relaxed and honored. The impetus was to use my feet as subject matter, such as, using my “hands” in my Mudra (hand) Series.  My aim was to use light and shadows  to enhance the sensuality of the form of the feet giving the feeling of weightlessness. 

The feet in the images are all mine. The images were created in digital format with natural lighting. 

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