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Phosphorescent Series | 1987 - 1998 

The photos of this series aimed to capture the mystery and spirit of the pieces. Utilizing phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments gave an ‘other worldly” feel to the pieces.  The following reviews describe the pieces in more detail.

Other Worlds: An Environment of Illuminating Wax Painting and Sculpture, Changing Light and Sound

Photos: Black walls, wax paintings and sculpture, changing light and sound. Utilizing blue-black and black light, colored lights for installation. 



A Labyrinth Ritual of Light and Sound

Photos: Walking Meditation, an interactive Environment of 9 meter-wide Labyrinth, blue-black lights, colored lights, changing light and original music. 


A Performance/Installation with Sculpture

Photos: Performance at famed Parkman Bandstand, Boston Commons, Boston, Massachusetts.  3.66 meter high sculptures, turning back drop, changing light, music, dancers. 

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